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Creating a Strong Password - Tips and Tricks

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[Image description: On the top left of the picture is a drawing of a person with his hands on his head looking at a computer monitor that has a lock on it and an image that looks like where one enters their password into a prompt with four astricts next to the lock. On the top right of the image is another drawing of a person holding something that cannot be identified as part of it is not in the image. Below the images are the words "Online Safety Guidelines. Strong Passwords. Quick tips for creating and saving your online passwords"]

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How to make a strong password in 3 easy steps 

Note: Do not use any of the examples we have shown here, Make sure you come up with something unique! 


Step 1: Pick three random words 

Pick three random words from a book or use a random word generator (they’re free online). For example, you could pick these 3 words: lightning (9 characters), anchor (6 characters) planet (6 characters). Put them together and make sure they’re more than 12 characters. 

Step 2: Mix it up! 

Most websites require that you include some combination of capital letters, symbols, and numbers in your password. For example Lighting!anchorplanet3  

Don’t go overboard. Make sure any changes are easy to remember 

Step 3: Make is unique 

Your password needs to be different for each site so you can limit any problems to that one. It’s easy to do with modifiers like these: 

Facebook: Lighting!anchorplanet3FB  

PayPal: Lightning!anchorplanet3PP 

Following these simple steps means that you have a long, complex passphrase that is easy to remember and different for each site! 

Tip: Brain Savers! 

Don’t waste your password. Use “junk” passwords on Sites that don’t hold personal information, Sites that use week protection, Sites you only intend to use one. 


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Creating a Strong Password - Tips and Tricks
Stephanie Alexander