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Employers - Bite-Sized Learning Modules

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Resources for employers

Career Force MN has created fantastic learning modules for you and your employees.

From the Career Force website:

Disability Inclusion Bite-Sized Learning Modules for Employers are here to support you
in making your organization more welcoming for employees with disabilities. Disabilities affect 10% of Americans of working age. Welcoming people with disabilities in a workplace is important in building a diverse workforce and ensuring you are engaging all the talent you need to succeed. The intent of these modules is to provide education that is quick and relatable. In addition, takeaway cards for each module are provided to continue the conversation in your workplace.

  • Each module’s video is about 20 minutes
  • Please download the PowerPoint file and takeaway card that is posted along with the video for each module
  • Make sure to utilize resources linked in the PowerPoint file and takeaway card
  • Modules can be used virtually or in person at a team meeting

After completing these modules, your workgroup will have a better understanding of disability inclusion and the groundwork for building an inclusive work environment. This will help you successfully hire, onboard, and retain employees with disabilities.

Module 1: Defining Disability and the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) identifies the purpose of the ADA surrounding employment. Additionally, this module defines the meaning of disability and distinguishes who has protection under the ADA. 

Module 2: Recognizing and Implementing a Request for Reasonable Accommodations

This module provides the definition of reasonable accommodation and teaches us to recognize an accommodation request. This module will guide you in understanding the interactive process.

Module 3 – Self ID: Building a More Inclusive Culture

This module offers the benefits of running a Self ID campaign and sharing disabilities stories as a foundation to creating a disability-inclusive culture. Learn how to build a culture of trust where employees are comfortable disclosing their disability at work.

Module 4: Inclusive Communication

This module discusses the importance of initial communication with candidates with disabilities and throughout their employment lifecycle. Learn how understanding the value of an individual’s preferences can open doors for clearer communication between co-workers and managers.

Module 5 – Mental Health Matters: Let’s Talk

This module helps us understand the difference between mental health and mental illness. This module reviews warning signs of identifying when a colleague may need support and how a co-worker or manager can approach supportive conversations. Learn the various mental health resources that are available.

All of these learning modules can be found by clicking here!

Employers - Bite-Sized Learning Modules
Stephanie Alexander