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Advocate for your job search- Interviewing

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[Image description: A person sitting in a wheelchair in front of a conference table and laptop looking at the camera and smiling. On the other side of the conference table is another person trying on a laptop and smiling]

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Our Advocate For Your Job Search series of blog posts will help you: know your rights; learn about building a career; prepare and apply for a job; learn interview tips ; learn about disclosing disability in the workplace; and tips for getting started at your new job . These blogs were made in partnership with the Metro Regional Quality Council.

The Interview Process

An interview is a great way to see if the job is a good fit for you.

What to do before the interview

Prepare for the interview

  • Learn as much as you can about the company and job you are applying for.
  • Be sure you understand what the company does and what the job requires.
  • Think about and be ready to answer the question “why do you want to work here?”
  • Think about and be ready to discuss your strengths and skills. 
  • Practice with a loved one, job coach or by yourself in front of a mirror.

Think about what could help you in the interview

  • Do you need any communication or physical accommodations?
  • Do you want to do the interview in person or over the phone?
  • Would it help to get the interview questions before the interview?
  • Would it help to have a loved one or job coach with you at the interview?

Contact the employer before the interview

  • If you need help, ask the employer to make those changes to the interview process.
  • Tell the employer if you need accommodations for the interview.
  • Take note of anything the employer wants you to bring to the interview.

What to do on the day of the interview

Before the interview

  • Be sure to bring a copy of your resume, a notepad, and a pen to the interview.
  • Look professional.
  • Plan your schedule so you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Bring your sense of humor and smile.

During the interview show confidence

  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Know your strengths and be ready to share them.
  • Listen to all questions and give honest answers.
  • You can ask for the interviewer to slow down or repeat a question.

End the interview with a good impression

  • Ask any questions you have.
  • Restate any strengths and experiences that you are important to the job.
  • Mention a particular accomplishment or activity that fits the job. 
  • If you want the job, say it.
  • Find out if there will be additional interviews.
  • Ask when the employer plans to make a decision.

After the interview

Do not forget to send a thank you note or letter to the employer after the interview.

Advocate for your job search- Interviewing
Hannah Clark