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Advocate for your job search - Building a Career

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Our Advocate For Your Job Search series of blog posts will help you: know your rights; learn about building a career; prepare and apply for a job; learn interview tips; learn about disclosing disability in the workplace; and tips for getting started at your new job. These blogs were made in partnership with the Metro Regional Quality Council.

Building a Career

What is a Job?

  • A job is short-term.
  • A job can be just going to work and making money.
  • Jobs help build your skills and experience for your career.

What is a Career?

  • A career is long-term.
  • A career can span your entire lifetime.
  • Each of your jobs, training, and experiences helps you get more responsibility and pay.

People with disabilities can and do have careers.

Stages to Build a Career

Stage one: Self-Discovery

Learn about yourself. This may be through self-assessments or learning about your interests and strengths.

Stage two: Build Skills and Experience

Shadow a job you are interested in and learn more about it.

Volunteer or work different jobs to build skills and gain experience.

Stage three: Make Connections

While shadowing, volunteering, or working, make connections and network with others to learn about their job paths and careers and to share your strengths.

Stage four: Continue to Learn

While shadowing, volunteering, or working, seek learning and training opportunities.

Think about what you want for your future work and share goals with your supervisor


Advocate for your job search - Building a Career
Hannah Clark