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Creating a Gmail Email Address

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Creating a Gmail Email Address

You'll need an email address to use our job board. Here is a guide to creating a Gmail account.

Step 1: Open your web browser.

Your web browser is what you normally use to browse the internet.

Examples are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or internet explorer, and Safari.

Step 2: Go to the Gmail website.

In the address bar of your browser type mail.google.com and hit the “enter” key on your keyboard

Step 3: Create an Account

Click the Create An Account button in the upper right hand corner.

Step 4: Enter your information

Enter your name, your username, and create a password. Then click “Next.”

You will also enter your birthday, gender, and other details.

Remember to write down your password in case you forget it! Check out our blog on creating a strong password.

Step 5: Add a picture (optional)

Add a picture by following the instructions, or click “skip” if you don’t want to add one.

Step 6: Terms and conditions

Review the terms and conditions and click “accept.”

Congratulations! You now have a Gmail email account and address!

Creating a Gmail Email Address
Hannah Clark